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Your Cunt

“What would I give for the world to allow me a hot fuck with you in the midst of riots and pandemic …” I open, going for the best virtual sex I can to distract me. I don’t expect paintbrush sex.

“So can I hold your lips apart lick around your clit, between outer and inner labia back to clit spit down hold your buttocks angle your cunt and put my tongue inside you until you giggle? Then use your discarded old t-shirt to loosely tie your legs at ankle and thrust not as far as you expected me to?” He says, starting right into that best virtual sex.

“Oh a gazillion times yes.” I say. I feel like a dork. What can I say? Still sure he’s read some erotic diary I don’t keep. How does he know exactly what I want, when I want, even when I haven’t gotten there yet?

“My eyes are closed and for a moment i fuck only. Sorry you just allowed yourself to be a wet tight cunt.”

“I’m still allowing myself to be just a wet, tight cunt.”

“When i stop being just a hard cock we can analyze post riot reprisals. The t-shirt is gone. Your legs are free. You choose your position my position. Wet hot your cunt hard cock.”

“Any position where I can play with my clit while you fuck me. So you’re on your side, me on my back, legs scissored. Both hands on my clit. When I run out of juice you can feel my finger try to slip in beside your cock, but I am (for real) too tight. Speaking of which you can’t fuck me forever cuz ai was made small and tight and with the kind of hymen that never breaks. So you’d better lick me more.”

“You are licked and you are sucking and we are doing that “68” thing. Cuz sex should be funny as well as historic.”

“I’m really bad at math though and am too busy sucking your cock to laugh. I remember how you taste” I sigh. Virtual sex is never enough.

“I like those little muscles and nerves i find on your back which support your breasts and run down to the base of your spine and then almost at sciatic run across your gluteus and buttons. I find those nerves and muscles and even though you are sucking and licking my cock so well it makes me shake? I trace those lines down your back and suck gently on your lips pulling them slightly out to see them bounce back and your cunt open glistening. Perfectly normal, your cunt. I ask would you like to lie on your stomach with legs parted and your hand works your clit. I hope you say yes.”


“Your back and your buttocks are such a hot shape.” he says. 

“I pout if you take your cock out of me for too long. Want to suck you again, you were shaking. I liked that. Neurogenic tremor response. I like feeling the waves ripple through your nervous system. Reminiscent of orgasm. Release. I like helping.”

“I remember how you come.” he says. Virtual sex is never enough for him, either.

For a while we talk of earthquakes. Drugs. Nuclear waste. The transportation industry. Police. Then we fuck on video for each other. One day bleeds into the next. It is June.

“Sorry, distracted just a bit by the overt police state. P.S. Your erotic writing is so perfect I still am quite sure you’ve read the erotic diary I don’t keep.” I admit, heading back towards that best virtual sex.

Best Virtual Sex

“I did. Time to paint you. Brush you.” he says. I smile at the idea of paintbrush sex.

“I just sprayed sandalwood, frankincense, cedarwood.”

Magical. Heavy smells.”

“Reds? Scarlet? Crimson? What colors are you painting me?” I ask, anticipating paintbrush sex.

“Purple to begin with.”

“My favorite.” And it is. “Face down, ass up.”

“After purple with wide soft brush.”

“No one has ever painted me. My turn to be bashful. New sensations.” I blush at what is turning into some of the best virtual sex yet.

“Face down ass up being painted in front of a mirror which you must wait to see until the craft is completed. I raise your face with golden paint on my hands. Your face is smeared my hands will be too. You see that mirror. I ask politely you wait until i finish my art and i change brush. I am not a painter. But I have fingers colours and 4 brushes at least. You are a 4 brush girl. And we laugh.” Paintbrush sex.

“I’m grinning ear to ear, and soaking wet.”

“In real time or the fantasy cryptography?” He asks.

“In real time.”

“Just nibbled a nipple roughly to test your reaction.”

“Hm wasn’t I face down?” I ask.

“Apologetic as always I return from snuggling under you and yes face down. Your tshirt over your head.”

“Mmm. I’m still trying to wait patiently. You said I can’t look yet.”

“Wait.” he commands.

“I’m waiting. Tingling. Pulsing. Still smells like forest (both irl and fantasy…). I can also smell the salt air that’s an illusion from the memories of Frankincense in Muscat.”

“Waiting. For van gogh swirls and matisse curves over your legs back and feed. And what word to you want me to write across your buttocks? Thank you for waiting. Thank you.” he says, asking me to wait for virtual paintbrush sex.

“I like being your canvas. I mean – write your name. It’ll wash off. Let me be yours until it does.”

And at the same time, he writes:

“Good girl? Zoe zoe? Bless me? My sigil? My name?”

“Ohhhh sigil didn’t think of that. Branded.”

“So u want a sigil until it washes off.”

“Yes please.”

“Cool enough lass. Will take yoga posture to see it. You are moved to your side. You are no longer face down. You wait.” he says, languishing in the paintbrush sex.

At the word “lass” I jump, and I have to touch myself. He never sounds Irish. But he is.

“I’m stuck on “lass”. Delighted. It’s the littlest things.”

“So anyway less you now see in our mirror that you are painted in purple and gold. And have an open red wet cunt framed in your pubic hair which glistens.”

“I like the swirls best.”

“You got lots of swirls”

“And what about you? Artist?” I ask, enjoying this paintbrush sex.

“My last brush is now at the hollow of your throat and swirling out to top of both breasts. My cock a mess of paint between them.”

“Beautiful.” I say at this paintbrush sex.

“But not close enough to give me satisfaction or you even a lick. You wait. I wait. We wait.”

“I like the slick sound the brush makes.” I say, thinking of paintbrush sex.

“Zoe is always a better fuck after waiting and brushing.” he says.

“Heheheh. Why?” I am tickled by this, wholly present in this best virtual sex yet.

“Coz she wants to open and is hippy dippy at heart and used to short shags & not aware of the sigil on her back. So I watch her open herself. I tell her i need that. I need that.”

“Ah if I only knew how. I open my legs. Smell my pussy mixing with the smell of trees and paint”

“Now i ask you to brush me in paint from the nape of my neck down my spine across my ass hole to the pit of my balls. And you have never done this before you say – yet you do it. And you giggle.”

“What color? Do I get to choose?”

“And i laugh. And i trusted you to do so. And you open and close just as i twitch. And we laughing and you say something about how cool balls feel. And i wait.”

“OMG are they moving? That’s my favorite. How do they do that? Feeling your voice vibrate through my thighs. Perfect timbre.”

“Ofc they are you just brushed me.”

“It’s still a miracle” I say.

“Always was. Time to move lazy painted zoe into a new position.”

“I’m lazy? I just painted you! Your balls are distracting.”

“I am waiting. Almost complaining.” he says.

“I’m painting the bottoms of your feet then. If you’re going to be impatient.” I tease.

“I try to change position and energy exchange. I can not just fuck you yet.”

“How ticklish?”

“Didn’t i do your feet? Sorry.”

“There’s always next time.”


“What position now. Pillows?”

“Yep. U know.”

“I know that I’m your lass with your sigil on my ass. But I don’t know how to please you. I think I’ll never know. Happy accidents. Accidental control.”

“You need something to push your arms against because I shall fuck you so hard.” he says, and I shudder. Lines like this are what make him my favorite lover and this the best virtual sex.

“Oh then lots of pillows and please from behind. I’m impatient so before you know it I’m jacknifed over a stack of pillows. Cunt spread wide in front of you. Looking over my shoulder… So afraid you’ll say no.”

“I pronounce the sigil.” he intones.

“I’m laughing. And waiting.”

“And want you to see me go as hard as I can. I want to be male. The sight of your cunt, your wet open cunt is a challenge, a goal? A target, a ritual, an artistic act.”

“Your maleness fills my world. Nothing but. I don’t know what female is, but I know how desperately single-focused I am on having you. The more maleness I feel coming off you, the more animal I become. I’m too easy a target. If I’m supposed to defend, no one taught me. I’m dripping wet. Nothing else is there. Just existing to be filled by you. Nothing but desperation. Maybe that’s female. Just waiting so long. When will he.”

“You really are a good fuck.” he says.

“No u r.” I reply.

“Remember our mirror. It is still there.”

“I love mirrors (and all things shiny).”

“Remember i teased u earlier covering your face with your t shirt”

“Yes. It’s got gold smudges now.”

“Now u see me fuck me on your pillows. Now I put that t shirt on my face and you no longer see my face. U smell me.”


“U are now on your back.”

“Headless horseman” I say without thinking about how unsexy that is.

“Your pillows push up your body as you want. Purple cock and balls. And just my voice. That accent u seem to like.” he says. 

Oh that accent. That Anglo-Irish posh mixed with something else. Something otherworldly.

“Understated as always. Intoxicating. You say accent and I close off everything but my aural self. Your words licking my insides. And your voice that accent that rhythm that timbre the sound of your breath. Ok yes the voice. Just the voice.” I beg.

“Time for you to suck my cock slowly both hands gently stroking.”

“Grateful for your magic but you are such a tease but I really love to suck your cock so idk whatevs gimme. Lazy. Not moving much, lots of hands. Playing with suction. Tongue.”

“I am enjoying you. Happiness and laughter.”

“I’ve already sucked your cock three times today and I am trying to make it new. Don’t make me laugh bad things will happen no snot allowed in these times. Sneeze police are about. I’m now laughing at how unsexy I can make a really eager but lazy blowjob.” I drift off. He brings me back.

“Fuck again. Missionary. Or is that vanilla?”

“I take the t-shirt off your head. Your eyes. Every part of you communicates more to me than I am used to. There is more information in your eyes. More pleasure in your voice. More shape to your cock. I’m delighted and scared and clinging to not clinging to it. And sex heart to heart doesn’t feel so vanilla.”

“Now the t-shirt is over your head.”

“I wouldn’t like you if you didn’t challenge me.”

“I change rhythm slow gentle soft”

“And you are so aware of that that it’s embodied. I’m relaxing. Wrapping legs around yours.”

“My mouth on your breasts neck heart. Lose the t-shirt.” he directs.

“Smiling. Kiss me?”

Ofc I kiss you. As my hands reach around your ass to tickle the back of your cunt not for the first time but this time for the first time my little finger lingers around your asshole. I don’t want to fuck it you know that. Kisses are more intense.”

“Radiating warmth. Cunt. Heart. Mouth. I’m thinking about that finger but hoping you’re just teasing cuz can’t be fuller than i am you think it’s just a line but I am tight and small. And your cock is: enough. Perfectly enough. And I feel like the luckiest lass in the world, kissing you so deeply.”

“Just outside. And inviting you to my mine. I don’t want to fuck your ass but i want your body. Kisses. I might come vanilla missionary with kisses. Am I allowed?”

“Yes you are. And I’m not saying you can’t fuck my ass once in a blue moon, for the record. But the context has to be deep. And I’m not saying I wouldn’t fuck your ass, but… I don’t need to. But I do need you to kiss me. And to fuck me. And to talk to me with that accent. And oh I need you to come for me. You’re right I’m used to short disappointing shags and no matter the work there’s still that Vegas porn pop shot programming. I love to feel you cum. Inside of me.”

I come as i think all men do – always expected and always a surprise. Kissing you. Taut.”


“Sliding down from your kiss to your belly to your crotch thanking you for your fuck” he says.

“Fun” he says

“No u r” I reply.

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